What is imMail?

imMail is the all-in-one messaging and collaboration platform that centralizes Chat, Tasks, Drive, and Video conference in one place. With imMail, you can communicate and collaborate better from anywhere-all within a secure and user-friendly environment.

Your imMail Domain 

An imMail domain is a space to connect the teams of your organization. To create or connect to a domain, you need to have a corporate email address. imMail self-sign-up allows only corporate email addresses. 

Private Chat

With imMail you talk in both directions: Internally, with your co-workers and other members of your organization, and externally, with your customers, suppliers, or business partners.

Group Chat

imMail allows you to create as many group chats as you want. For projects, departments, specific subjects, or brainstorming sessions, you can create and add people to an imMail group. 

Powerful Search Engine 

To make it easier for you to find relevant messages, presentations, or important documents, we index all the content you exchange in imMail by default. It is important to highlight that imMail is highly committed to your privacy and data security. You can check our Security Standard and guidelines here.

Video Conference 

You can start an audio or video conference using imMail Meet. Easily copy and share the meeting invitation and run your calls by sharing or recording your screen.

imMail API 

You can integrate imMail with your internal or third-party systems to stay productive, organized, and efficient. To run your customized integrations, take a look at docs.immail.ca.

Your Company in imMail 

Every imMail domain can have one or several users with administrative permissions. Generally, a domain is typically comprised of the following people:

Domain Owners

Create the domain and set the permissions.

Domain Admins

Assigned by domain owners to help manage the team. 


Invited by domain admins with the same corporate email address.


Invited by Domain Admins or members.

If you are an imMail domain owner or admin, please read more: How To Set Roles and Permissions.

imMail’s Pricing Plans 

The free version of imMail gives your team access to all functionalities up to 5 users. If you have more than 5 people in your organization, choose from one of our two paid plans:


A good fit for small and medium-sized business. 


For large organizations or government institutions.

Bring Your Company to imMail 

Does your company already use imMail?

Read our Guide to Getting Started for New Users to learn how to download the imMail App, create or join a domain, and set up your profile. 

Are you looking to set up imMail for your Company?

Read our Guide to Getting started for Domain Admins to learn how to manage a domain, invite collaborators, and set rules and permissions.

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