Format Your Messages

If you want to format a message, you can use the “Compose” button. On the “Chats” tab, click on “Compose”. The system will pop up a field where you can format your message. Below are the options you have to format your message:

  1. B – Select a typed message and click on B (or control+b) to bold your message.
  2. ISelect a typed message and click on I (or control+I) to format the message in Italic.
  3. TT – Select a typed message and click on TT to create a Title for your message.
  4. –  Click on to put a citation or quote on your message formatted.
  5. – Click on the bullet point icon to create a bullet point on your formatted message.
  6. Click on the numbered list icon to create a list on your formatted message.
  7. You can also attach files to your formatted message.To do that, click on “Attach File” and select the file you want to send.

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